2017 Satellite Symposium

Satellite Symposia are listed by date.

  • Monday, October 9: Challenges of Recognition and Treatment of Excessive Sleepiness
  • Monday, October 9: TBD
  • Tuesday, October 10: Cataplexy: From fundamentals to the Clinic
  • Tuesday, October 10: TBD

Cataplexy: From fundamentals to the Clinic

Tuesday, October 10
Congress Hall in Prague Convention Centre

Chairman: Dr. Gert Jan Lammers
Head of the Sleep-Wake centres of SEIN & neurologist department of Neurology Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands

Neurobiology of REM sleep and Cataplexy: a short update
Dr. Christelle Peyron
Center for research in Neuroscience University of Lyon France

Histamine neurones, REM sleep and cataplexy
Pr. Jean-Charles Schwartz
National Academy of Sciences Member and Scientific Manager Bioprojet- France

Cataplexy data: HARMONY CTP and HARMONY III clinical trials data
Dr. Zoltan Szakacs
State Health Center, Sleep Diagnostic and Therapeutic Laboratory-Budapest – Hungary

Download the PDF program for the 2017 Satellite Symposium.