Future Congresses

Locations for upcoming bi-annual congresses are decided several years in advance. Currently, World Sleep Society is accepting letters of interest from host societies regarding:

2019: Letters of interest are no longer being accepted. Location for World Sleep 2019 has been announced. View 2019 information.

2021: For World Sleep 2021, World Sleep Society will only accept letters from societies outside of Europe and North America. Letters of interest are due by June 30, 2017. Read more about 2021.

2023: For World Sleep 2023, World Sleep Society is accepting letters from any geographic location. Letters of interest are due by December 31, 2017. Read more about 2023.

To send a letter of interest for hosting, you must:


  1. Collaborate with a sleep society. World Sleep Congresses only accept letters of interest from societies. The society does not need to be a member of World Sleep Society. View our current society members. Or read details on becoming an Associated Society Member.
  2. Compile a letter of interest.
  3. Send the letter of interest.

Read our full policy on Hosting World Sleep Congress.