A full-day Technologist Program will be offered on Sunday, October 8, 2017. Technologist Workshops will be held Monday through Wednesday (October 9-11, 2017). View the World Sleep 2017 program.

(Tentative) Technologist Program, All-Day Sunday

9:00-9:05AM Opening address
9:05-9:50AM Presentation Movement disorders, forensic and technology
9:50-10:20AM Presentation New technology based on sound collection
10-20-10:40AM Coffee break
10:40-11:10AM Presentation Cognitive behavioral therapy
11:10-11:40AM Presentation Orofacial myofuntional therapy
11:40AM-12:10PM Presentation Sleep apps and sleep trackers
12:10-12:15PM General Q & A from morning session
12:15-1:15PM Lunch Break
1:15-2:00PM Presentation TBD
2:00-2:30PM Presentation Driving and sleep apnea: European driver’s license
2:30-3:00PM Presentation Variabiltiy in scoring of respiratory events during sleep
3:00-3:20PM Tea Break
3:20-3:50PM Presentation
3:50-4:20PM Presentation Sleep disordered breathing in adults with down syndrome
4:20 to 4:30PM General Q & A from afternoon session

(Tentative) Technologist Workshop Schedule

Workshop  Date Time Topics
1 Monday, October 9 9-10:30AM Hands-on head wiring, with paediatric aspects of polysomnography
2 Monday, October 9 2:00-3:30PM Cardiopulmonary resusitation for sleep technologists part 1
3 Monday, October 9 5:30-7:00PM Cardiopulmonary resusitation for sleep technologists part 2
4 Tuesday, October 10 9-10:30AM Natus
5 Tuesday, October 10 2:00-3:30PM Mask fitting
6 Tuesday, October 10 5:30-7:00PM BRPT
7 Wednesday, October 11 9-10:30AM Natus
8 Wednesday, October 11 2:00-3:30PM Use of oximetry in the UK
9 Wednesday, October 11 5:30-7:00PM Clinical practice around the world


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