World Sleep 2022 & COVID-19

World Sleep 2022 will take place during March 11–16, 2022 in Rome, Italy.

Planning is underway for an in-person meeting with a full scientific program, including keynotes, symposia, courses, and abstracts.

The Program Committee has re-affirmed its commitment to holding an in-person congress in Rome over March 11–16, 2022. An in-person congress best serves our membership’s desire to network, present science, and collaborate. Plans are underway to offer on-demand recordings of selected keynote, symposia, abstract, and course materials for purchase after the congress in a similar manner to World Sleep 2019.

World Sleep 2022 in Rome will abide by event policies required by the Italian government. These include the following at minimum as of January 13, 2022 and are subject to change:

  • Mask-wearing indoors (note: N95, KN95, or equivalent masks are needed; cloth masks will not be sufficient)
  • A current EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent (CDC white card, etc.)
  • Proof of full vaccination or recent recovery

On-site testing will also be available for ease of travel. Onsite testing will be available on Tuesday and Wednesday of the congress. Both rapid antigen test (15 euros) and PCR tests (55 euros) will be available. Results will be sent by email with official letterhead.

For US-based travelers: the antigen test is sufficient for return to the United States. Each person returning to the United States must present a negative COVID-19 test result from a test taken no more than 1 day before departure to the US. Proof of recovery from the virus within the last 90 days is also acceptable.

Last updated March 5, 2022

Refund Policies

Registration refunds due to covid-related reasons are available through March 10, 2022. Please submit your request here: Submit a Refund Request.

Exhibitors and Sponsors refunds are available through September 30, 2021 and then partial refunds through January 15, 2022. Visit the sponsors and exhibitors page for more information.

Hotel: Each hotel has its own individual refund policy. Carefully check the booking platform for your hotel’s cancellation policy.

If conditions change such that the meeting cannot be allowed as in-person meeting, then full refunds to delegates, exhibitors, and sponsors will be provided.


Entry into Italy

On February 22, the Italian Minister of Health made the significant announcement that effective March 1, Italy will be reducing its entry requirements for travelers from all non-European countries.

One of these conditions of the green pass will be sufficient for entry into Italy: vaccination certificate, recovery certificate, or a negative test result. We expect more details from the Italian government soon and will update this page with the latest guidance as soon as possible.

Note: All travelers entering Italy must still complete the Passenger Locator Form before departing for Italy.

Updated February 25, 2022


Presentation Format at World Sleep 2022

World Sleep 2022 will be an in-person congress. There will be no live virtual attendance. Recordings of scientific sessions will be offered on demand within one to five days after the congress. Limited accommodations will be made for some speakers who cannot travel to present in person.

Updated February 15, 2022



Pre-congress courses during March 11–13 may integrate pre-recorded presentations under the discretion of the course chairs. A course chair must be present in person. All course presentations, including the in-person presentations, will be recorded and available to the course’s registrants.

Updated February 15, 2022


Keynote Presentations

The Program Committee will review keynote presentations on a case-by-case basis to determine if a virtual presentation is allowed. This accommodation would be made only for a keynote speaker who cannot travel to/from Italy due to prohibitive government restrictions or requirements.

Updated January 31, 2022



Symposia chairs may supplement their symposium with one pre-recorded presentations if a speaker cannot travel to Rome and a replacement cannot be found. It is the responsibility of the symposium chair to organize the production of any pre-recorded presentations and provide a copy to the speaker ready room.

If these requirements cannot be met, then the symposium chair can decide to either (1) produce a fully pre-recorded symposium available only in the on-demand program after the congress or (2) withdraw the symposium from the scientific program.

In any of these cases, please contact [email protected] after consultation with your symposium chair to inform World Sleep Society of your decision.

Updated February 1, 2022


Discussion Symposia

The congress has a limited number of symposia that focus on discussion of a current topic rather than presentation of data. The chairs are allowed to provide pre-recorded talks or use Zoom to bring additional people onto the speaker panel.

Updated February 15, 2022


Oral Abstracts

All oral abstracts will be presented in person. There are no virtual or pre-recorded options.

Updated January 31, 2022


Poster Abstracts

All posters must have an in-person presenter who can discuss the abstract and answer questions during the abstract’s scheduled presentation time. There are no virtual or pre-recorded options.

Updated January 31, 2022


What if I cannot present in person?

If you are a symposium presenter, first contact your symposium chair directly. Consult with your symposium chair on the best decision for your whole symposium: (1) speaker replacement, (2) one pre-recorded presentation, (3) a fully on-demand symposium available only after the congress, OR (4) withdrawal from the scientific program.

If you are an oral abstract presenter, then please contact [email protected] so that the scientific schedule can be updated. Pre-recorded abstract presentations are not possible.

If you are a poster presenter, the poster can still be presented so long as someone is on site to set up and take down the poster, present the science, and answer questions during the assigned presentation time.

Updated February 15, 2022


Top Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about World Sleep 2022 in Rome. Have a question you do not see answered below? Please contact World Sleep Society at [email protected] for a response. We will continue to update this FAQ page as we receive more questions and information.


What documentation will I need in Italy to be active in public (e.g. shops, restaurants, transportation)?

Citizens of countries in the EU will need their Green Pass. Italy now only accepts vaccination or proof of recent recovery, calling this strengthened version a “Super Green Pass.” That is, Italy no longer accepts recent test results as sufficient for many public activities.

For those of us outside of the EU – we will need to provide documentation of vaccine status including boosters. Please bring written verification of vaccine and booster dates. For example, US citizens can provide CDC white card documentation to be active in public.

Note: Italy requires a FFP2 or equivalent mask for public activities in Italy, including transportation. Equivalent masks include, for example, N95 and KN95 masks.

Updated February 15, 2022


What foreign documentation is equivalent to the EU’s Green Pass?

In order for a foreign document to be considered equivalent to a Green Pass, it must have the following qualities:

  • identification of the holder,
  • data relating to the vaccine (e.g. type of vaccine),
  • dates of the administration of the vaccine,
  • identification of who issued the certificate
  • written in Italian, English, French, Spanish, or German, or if issued in another language, accompanied by a sworn translation

Updated February 11, 2022


What is the goal of the congress? 

World Sleep congresses provide opportunities to fulfill our mission of advancing sleep medicine and research worldwide. The scientific content is developed between our Program Committee members, symposia chairs, course chairs, and promoted through our associate society and individual members. When making individual decisions, the Program Committee balances the three primary congress goals: (1) highest quality of sleep medicine and research content presented; (2) provide a forum for networking and collaboration among international researchers, and (3) have a sustainable financial budget to continue our work.

We recognize the balance between peer-reviewed content and providing opportunities for new thinking within the sleep field. To do this, course and symposia chairs are provided autonomy with achieving their content learning objectives. Key program operations, including the congress, are performed by Society staff members to maintain operational controls.

Updated January 20, 2022


Will virtual presentations be allowed?

Generally, no. We value the in-person networking and relationship-building among researchers, clinical professionals, and industry that an in-person meeting provides. We are working with the chairs of the symposia to ensure the in-person meeting is intact while maintaining the scientific integrity of the congress.

Symposia chairs may supplement their panel with one pre-recorded video presentations with other presenters taking questions. Keynote talks may be presented live from a virtual home location, subject to a case-by-case review by the Program Committee. Oral abstract and poster abstract presentations will be fully in person with no alternatives possible.

Updated February 15, 2022


Will there be opportunities to view presentations virtually?

We will not live stream the scientific program content. Similar to our 2017 and 2019 congresses, the scientific program, including PowerPoint video and audio, will be recorded and made available online one to five days after the congress concludes. These recordings are also used within our World Sleep Academy course and ISRTP mentee training program. We also provide educational content to our associated sleep societies to further advance sleep medicine education worldwide.

Updated February 15, 2022


Will the World Sleep congress change to a virtual or hybrid event?

World Sleep 2022 will not be a hybrid or virtual event. Symposia may integrate a limited number of pre-recorded presentations. Subject to Program Committee review on a case-by-case basis, keynote presentations may be presented virtually.

Updated January 20, 2022


What factors are being considered by the Program Committee to postpone the congress?

World Sleep 2022 in Rome will be postponed if one of these conditions is true:

  • The Italian government prevents vaccinated individuals from gathering indoors.
  • Vaccination no longer provides adequate protection from COVID-19.

Even with the Omicron increase in cases, we expect the congress will move forward as planned.

Updated January 20, 2022


If the in-person congress is postponed, will registration refunds be provided?

Yes. Registrations will be fully refunded if the in-person congress is postponed.

Updated January 20, 2022


What refunds are available due to COVID-related travel restrictions?

Full registration refunds will be available until the start of the congress for registrants who cannot attend due to COVID-related reasons. World Sleep Society can provide refunds only for congress registration fees. Check with your airline or hotel directly for non-registration refunds.

Updated January 20, 2022


Why is World Sleep not turning hybrid or virtual?

World Sleep Society and Congress leadership believe the unique value of our meeting is networking and relationship-building among researchers, clinical professionals, and industry. Virtual and hybrid meetings have many desirable strengths and play an important role in modern conferences, but they cannot offer the same opportunities to attendees as in-person gatherings. However, the health and safety of our members will always take priority when planning congresses; if conditions change, the Rome congress would be postponed rather than turned virtual.

For those interested in virtual or hybrid sleep options, we recommend looking at many of our national sleep societies who have a virtual or hybrid option. This is a wonderful and unique way to experience new connections. The congress will be distributing the scientific content via on-demand recordings, within the World Sleep Academy course, and used with the ISRTP mentee training program.

Updated January 20, 2022


Does World Sleep Society need World Sleep 2022 to remain financially viable?

World Sleep Society is financially viable and maintains cash reserves sufficient to pay for expenses through end of the 2025 budget. Current 2021-2022 operating budget is derived from previous congresses.  Although our programs are expanded due to financially successful congress operations, our Society is in a strong financial position even after the disruptions of the past two+ years. World Sleep Society would remain financially viable even if the March congress in Rome were postponed. Contracts with venues, hotels, and other local operations can be postponed without financial penalties.

Updated January 20, 2022


How many people are expected to attend the Rome congress?

Registration numbers are less than our past 2019 Vancouver meeting; we know that travel is more complex and that institutional travel policies are changing constantly. However, the science submitted still is similar to our past two congresses (Prague and Vancouver).

As of February 11, we have surpassed 1650 registrations. We have over 600 presenters of oral content including 14 keynotes, 90 symposia, 22 courses, 168 oral abstract presentations, and 979 total abstracts. In a recent survey, a majority of our speakers (79%) still are attending in person, 12% are undecided, 2% are not able to attend, and the remaining 10% did not respond.

We internally are making plans for 2200 people to be in attendance (bag orders, printing, catering, etc.).  At this point, our 95% confidence interval is fairly wide somewhere between 1600 to 2300 people attending.

Updated February 15, 2022


What will World Sleep Society assist with if COVID is diagnosed while attending the congress?

The safety and wellbeing of attendees is our top priority. We are working with our local Italian Sleep Society hosts to provide logistical and medical support. If an attendee tests positive during the congress, World Sleep will provide the following support:

  • Hotel room at a subsidized rate
  • Transportation to the hotel
  • A process to obtain a letter of recovery when appropriate

We recommend purchasing travel insurance as World Sleep Society is not able to reimburse lost wages, medical costs, travel fees, or other related costs of attending the congress.

Updated February 11, 2022


What mask do I need to wear in Italy?

Italy is requiring the use of FFP2 (“filtering facepiece”) masks or equivalent for public activities, including public transportation. Qualifying masks include FFP2, N95, and KN95 respirators. The congress will be providing masks onsite, but we recommend that all attendees bring 2+ masks for each day in attendance.

Updated January 20, 2022

What COVID precautions will be taken at the congress?

The Program Committee is monitoring local conditions and Italian requirements to best operate the congress. Right now, certain precautions will be taken:

  • Required mask-wearing indoors (except when eating or presenting)
  • Consistent cleaning of presentation rooms and other common spaces
  • Larger space allocation for poster hall and exhibit hall sessions to best allow for social distancing

Updated January 20, 2022


Is proof of vaccination required to attend World Sleep?

As of January 10, a Super Green Pass is required to attend conferences and events in Italy. The Super Green Pass requires proof of vaccination to obtain. The following vaccines are authorized by the European Medicines Agency and acceptable for this and other travel requirements:

  • Comirnaty
    (BioNTech and Pfizer)
  • Nuvaxovid
  • Spikevax
  • Vaxzevria
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen

Italy may choose to accept additional vaccines for travel requirements. Please check the latest information from the Italian government for such additions.

Updated January 20, 2022


Will testing be offered at the World Sleep congress?

Testing will be available onsite during Tuesday and Wednesday of the congress. Both rapid antigen test (15 euros) and PCR tests (55 euros) will be available. Results will be sent by email with official letterhead.

For US-based travelers: the antigen test is sufficient for return to the United States. Each person returning to the United States must present a negative COVID-19 test result from a test taken no more than 1 day before departure to the US. Proof of recovery from the virus within the last 90 days is also acceptable.

Updated March 5, 2022


What if I am scheduled to present but can no longer attend?

If you are a symposium presenter, please contact your symposium chair first to so that, taking all presenters into account, you and your chair can make the best decision for the panel. The options are (1) speaker replacement, (2) a limited number of pre-recorded presentations, (3) a fully pre-recorded symposium available only on-demand after the congress, OR (4) withdrawal from the scientific program. Please contact Angie Granum at [email protected] with your decision or any questions

If you are an abstract presenter, please contact [email protected] so that the program can be adjusted. There are no virtual or pre-recorded options for abstract presentations.

If you are a poster presenter, the poster can still be presented so long as someone is on site to present the science and answer questions during the assigned presentation time.

Updated January 31, 2022


What are the requirements to enter Italy?

Italy no longer distinguishes between countries of origin for entering Italy. One of the following is sufficient to enter Italy, no matter your country of origin:

  • Vaccine documentation
    • Must be an EMA-approved vaccine
    • Completed vaccination cycle within the last 9 months before entering (a booster is not necessary)
    • A booster shot makes eligibility permanent for entering Italy
  • OR proof of recent recovery within the last 6 months
  • OR a negative test result within the last 72 hours (for nasal swab test) or 48 hours (for antigen test).

Prior to traveling to Italy, please also review the requirements for your return home. Many countries require a negative COVID-19 test to be taken within a certain period of time prior to your departure flight (24 to 72 hours). The type of test required (antigen or PCR) and the timeframe for taking it varies between countries. Also, verify whether a period of self-isolation is required upon your return home.

Updated March 5, 2022



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