Fraudulent Requests

Fraudulent requests and organizations regularly take advantage of meetings worldwide, including the World Sleep congress.

Please be vigilant for fraudulent requests and communications related to your participation in World Sleep 2023. Individuals often use public information (speaker names, meeting dates) to make their request for travel itineraries and other information seem more credible.

Respond only to communications from World Sleep Society staff or CCM Group.

The Brazilian company CCM Group will also be involved in hotel reservations and other services for World Sleep 2023. Their online hotel reservation system will be available soon, and communication with their customer service is appropriate. CCM Group is authorized to coordinate these services for World Sleep 2023.

If you have any questions about the authenticity of a request, please contact [email protected] or call the World Sleep Society administrative office at +1 507-316-0084.

Known Fraudulent Companies/Communications

Did you receive something fraudulent related to World Sleep 2023? Please let us know so that we can share it and warn others.

@travellerpoint.org — email domain
An email from the @travellerpoint.org domain requested travel dates to complete a hotel booking form.

Pictured: Fraudster emailing World Sleep 2023 speakers late into the night.