Michael Gradisar

Treating insomnia in school kids: How does it work?

Michael Gradisar, PhD (Australia)
Professor of Clinical Child Psychology
Flinders University, Australia

Keynote Summary: The International Classification of Sleep Disorders, 3rd edition, recognises that Chronic Insomnia Disorder is not only applicable to adults, but also to children. Yet, it could be said that the majority of work investigating insomnia and its treatment lies at both ends of the lifespan: babies and adults. There is little recognition that insomnia can occur in between these developmental stages—especially in middle childhood (7-12 yrs). This talk will show the similarities and differences of the insomnia experience in children, how CBT for insomnia has been adapted for them, and what underlying mechanisms may be at play.


Biosketch: Michael Gradisar is Professor of Clinical Child Psychology at Flinders University, where he also serves as Clinical Psychologist and Director of Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic. Research interests include the prevalence, consequences, and psychological assessment and treatment of sleep disorders in children and adolescents. Prof. Gradisar has over 100 scientific publications in journals including Sleep Medicine, Journal of Sleep Research, Journal of Adolescence, Sleep Health, Sleep Medicine Reviews, and Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. He received his Master of Clinical Psychology and PhD from the School of Psychology at Flinders University in 2005.