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An official press meeting will take place onsite in Vancouver on Monday, September 23, 2019 at 1:00-1:30pm in room 201 of the Vancouver Convention Centre West. Official members of the press can receive complimentary congress registration to attend by emailing our administrative office with a detailed request: [email protected] or completing the form below. Sleep experts will be available to answer specific questions pertaining to sleep, sleep disorders, current research in the field of sleep medicine, etc. Please submit up to three questions to have answered by our panel or continue on to our press kit below.

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Abstract Submissions for World Sleep 2019   (Valid until final deadline of August 1, 2019)
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Save the Date for World Sleep 2019
World Sleep Society invites you to attend World Sleep 2019 in Vancouver, Canada from September 20-25, 2019. World Sleep 2019 is an international forum inviting professionals to advance current thinking, improve sleep health, and encourage prevention and treatment of sleep disorders. The high-level scientific sleep congress will feature the same world-renowned and cutting-edge content as our previous congresses. Attendance is expected to reach around 3,000 individuals representing more than 70 countries. View rates and register to attend: https://worldsleepcongress.com/register. #WorldSleep2019

Submit Abstracts for World Sleep 2019
World Sleep Society (WASM/WSF) is accepting abstract submissions for World Sleep 2019’s scientific program in Vancouver, Canada from September 20-25, 2019. Submit an Abstract: https://worldsleepcongress.com/abstracts. Read more about the scientific content, social events, submission deadlines, and more at www.worldsleepcongress.com. #WorldSleep2019

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Submit an Abstract: https://worldsleepcongress.com/abstracts
Register to Attend/View Rates: https://worldsleepcongress.com/register
Keynote Speakers: https://worldsleepcongress.com/scientific-content/keynote
Become Individual Member (members receive discounted registration to World Sleep 2019): http://worldsleepsociety.org/membership/join