Sleep disorders primary care education course

Course at World Sleep 2019 | Ticket required

Saturday, September 21, 2019 | 8:00am – 4:50pm | Room 222

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Sleep disorders primary care education course

James Lee, Canada
Célyne H. Bastien, Canada
Najib Ayas, Canada

This one day course is predominately tailored to general practitioners who see patients with sleep disorders in their clinic. The course will cover a broad range of sleep-related topics in both adult and pediatric patients, focusing on the most common disorders seen by practitioners. In general, the format will include a brief 15 minute lecture by local and international experts in the field, followed by 11 minutes of questions from the audience. The course will be limited to 200 attendees.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this CME activity, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize the most important sleep disorders in children and adults
  • Identify the main treatment options for the major sleep disorders in children and adults including pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapies
  • Discuss basic sleep physiology and epidemiology
  • Identify the indications for the major diagnostic tests used in sleep medicine

Target Audience
General practitioners (sleep disorders), other health professionals (e.g. nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, sleep technologists, students, residents)


8:00am – 8:10am
Sleep physiology 101: Introduction to sleep
What is sleep, what are sleep stages, and why do we sleep?
Célyne H. Bastien (Canada)

8:10am – 8:32am
Normal sleep across the lifespan
Julie Carrier (Canada)

8:32am – 8:55am
“I can’t sleep.” Insomnia in primary care
What’s the cause? Understanding when you are dealing with different causes of insomnia
Rob Comey (Canada)

8:55am – 9:21am
Essential principles of cognitive behavioral therapies for insomnia (CBT-I) in primary care
Charles Morin (Canada)

9:21am – 9:47am
Coffee break

9:47am – 10:02am
Pediatric insomnia including delayed sleep-wake phase in adolescents
Shelly Weiss (Canada)

10:02am – 10:28am
What drugs should I use for sleep? Pharmaceutical management of insomnia including cannabis and melatonin
Ram Randawa (Canada)

10:28am – 10:54am
How to treat insomnia with comorbidities: A primary care approach (insomnia in medical and affective disorders)
Dieter Riemann (Germany)

10:54am – 11:20am
Lunch break

11:20am – 12:00pm
Breathing deeply or not: Sleep-Disordered Breathing in primary care
Adult obstructive sleep apnea: Diagnosis and treatment from a local perspective
John Fleetham (Canada)

12:00pm – 12:26pm
Adult OSA- a ticking time bomb for cardiometabolic disease?
Sanjay R. Patel (United States)

12:26pm – 12:52pm
“I can’t stand CPAP.” How to improve CPAP adherence and alternatives to CPAP
Frank Ryan (Canada)

12:52pm – 1:18pm
Children can get sleep apnea too. Pediatric sleep-disordered breathing in primary care
Rakesh Bhattacharjee (United States)

1:18pm – 1:44pm

1:44pm – 2:00pm
Other things that go bump in the night: Restless legs syndrome
Diego García-Borreguero (Spain)

2:00pm – 2:26pm
The role of sleep in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
Richard Arseneau (Canada)

2:26pm – 2:52pm
When the clock is out of whack. Shiftworking and Jetlag- consequences and management
Diane Boivin (Canada)

2:52pm – 3:18pm
Effects of substance abuse on sleep
Launette Rieb (Canada)

3:18pm – 3:44pm
Let sleeping infants lie: Addressing the concerns of caregivers
Keyvan Hadad (Canada)

3:44pm – 4:10pm
Pediatric potpourri: Hypersomnia, parasomnia and others
James Lee (Canada)

4:10pm – 4:50pm