Program at a Glance

World Sleep 2019 is an international forum inviting professionals to advance current thinking, improve sleep health, and encourage prevention and treatment of sleep disorders. The congress will again feature the most current, world-class scientific content as our previous congresses held in Prague, Czech Republic (2017), Seoul, Korea (2015) and Istanbul, Turkey (2015).

• Aging and Developmental Issues
• Basic Sleep Research
• Behavior, Cognition and Dreaming
• Chronobiology/Circadian Disorders
• Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
• Insomnia
• Memory
• Movement Disorders
• Narcolepsy
• Neural Plasticity
• Neurological Sleep Disorders Affecting Sleep
• Parasomnia
• Pharmacology
• Psychiatric Disorders Affecting Sleep/Wake
• Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)
• REM Behavior Disorders
• Sleep Breathing Disorders
• Technology/Technical