S39 Annotated Bibliography

The 2019 Program Committee approves symposia because of the belief in the discussion and different points of view, based on current, relevant literature. In this case, speakers are welcome to provide updated references to the attendees.

Download supporting document: Is there a Specific UARS Phenotype? An annotated bibliography

Symposium, Room 110, Vancouver Convention Centre
24.09.2019, 10:45AM – 12:15PM
S39: Update on non OSA sleep breathing abnormalities: Upper airway resistance syndrome and inspiratory flow limitation

Luciana Palombini, Brazil
Dalva Poyares, Brazil

UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome) and IFL (Inspiratory Flow Limitation) are considered as non OSA breathing abnormalities during sleep. However, the importance of those mild sleep breathing disorders are still under debate. Despite the frequency and clinical relevance of these breathing abnormalities; few international efforts have been made towards consensus definition. The purpose of this symposium is to put together experienced sleep researchers and clinicians to raise the current evidence and to encourage discussion for future directions.

Learning Objectives
Upon Completion of this CME activity, participants should be able to:
Update knowledge regarding currently data on UARS and IFL
Understand the importance of IFL on sleep breathing disorders
Contribute to future planning on studies on IFL and UARS
Target Audience
Sleep medicine professionals

10:45AM – 10:47AM
Defining UARS: Which parameters should be scored? RERAs, IFL or both?
JL Pepin, France
10:47AM – 11:03AM
UARS data from Follow Up of Sao Paulo epidemiological study
Luciana Palombini, Brazil
11:03AM – 11:19AM
What are the evidences currently available that UARS is a distinct syndrome?
JL Pepin, France
11:19AM – 11:35AM
Discussion IFL: update on evidences and perspectives for consensus on the analysis and scoring of IFL in PSG among sleep specialists
David Rapoport, United States
11:35AM – 11:51AM
Is there a specific UARS phenotype?
Avram Gold, United States
11:51AM – 12:07PM
12:07PM – 12:15PM