World Sleep 2019 Awards

Young Investigator, Elsevier Awards

The international panel of sleep specialists convened to score abstracts for the selection of the Elsevier Awards for 2019 to recognize two young basic and clinical sleep specialists. The panel has made the following selection:

Christian Guilleminault Award for Research
Winda L. Ng
The relationship between excessive daytime sleepiness, disability, and mortality, and implications for life expectancy

Elio Lugaresi Award for Education
Guiseppe Lanza
Impaired short-term plasticity in restless legs syndrome: a pilot rTMS study

Young Investigator, 2019 Oral Presentation

Scores are still being tabulated

World Sleep Day

2019 World Sleep Day Distinguished Activity Awardees
Portuguese Sleep Association | APS, ANSS, ESRS
Fernando Alberto Ceballos Fuentes, MD, MsC | Guatemalan Association of Sleep Medicine
Miguel Meira e Cruz | Portuguese Association of Chronobiology and Sleep Medicine; Sleep Unit of Cardiovascular Center, University of Lisbon, School of Medicine
Dr. Prerana Garg & Dr. Himanshu Garg | Sleep Cure Solutions
Montida Veeravigrom, MD | Sleep Society of Thailand
Dr N. Ramakrishnan | Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences

2019 World Sleep Day Honorable Mention
Lew Mun Yee | Am Life International
Rayleigh Ping Ying Chiang | International Sleep Science Technology Association
Elena Maricela Majano, MD | Bernes Medical Sleep and Neurological Private Center
Dr. Manvir Bhatia | Neurology Sleep Centre
György G. Németh | Hungarian Sleep Association
Ximena Alvarado | Hospital de Clínicas La Paz Bolivia
Dr. Laura Palagini | AIMS

2018 World Sleep Day Distinguished Activity Awardees
Dr. Nagarajan Ramakrishnan (India) | Nithra Instiute of Sleep Sciences
Dr. Montida Veeravigrom (Thailand) | Sleep Society of Thailand
Dr Himanshu Garg & Dr Prerana Chopra (India) | Aviss Health, Centre for Sleep Disorders
Dr. Elena Majano (El Salvador) | Bernes Medical Sleep and Neurological Center
Mr. Lew Mun Yee (Multicountry) | AM LIFE INTERNATIONAL
Paula Araujo (Brazil) | Brazilian Sleep Society

2018 World Sleep Day Honorable Mention

Dr. Petar Chipev, Prof. Ivan Staykov (Bulgaria) | Bulgarian Society of Somnology
Dr. Reut Gruber, Debbie Will-Dryden (Canada) | Canadian Sleep Society & Sleeping Children Around the World
Matilde Valencia-Flores & Montserrat Reséndiz-García (Mexico) | Sleep Disorders Clinic, UNAM and INCMNSZ
Dr. Laura Palagini (Italy) | AIMS
David Lira (Peru) | Instituto Peruano de Neurociencias – IPN
Dr. Antonio Culebras (United States) | Upstate Sleep Center
Luca Roberti (Italy) | Associazione Apnoici Italiani Onlus
Melissa Lipford, MD (United States) | Westin Hotels & Resorts
Jitka Bušková (Czech Republic) | NIMH