Symposium Submission: How to Submit

Before you start…

These instructions will explain step-by-step how to submit a symposium for World Sleep 2022 in Rome, Italy. These instructions assume that you have already created an account for the submission system and that you have logged into the account.

You can save your submission information and return to it later. Just remember that the final deadline for all symposium submissions is Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

You can log into the symposium submission platform at this link: Symposia Submission Login


1. Click the New Submission button.




2. Complete each section of the Symposium Proposal form.

The Symposium Proposal form is where you will enter the information about the content and purpose of your symposium.


Each section is necessary:


  • Category
  • Title
  • Summary (500 words max)
  • Learning objectives (at least 3 objectives)
  • Target audience
  • Chair person information


To write an effective learning objective, complete the following phrase: “Upon Completion of this CME activity, participants should be able to…”


To be considered, the Symposium Proposal form must be entirely completed. An incomplete Symposium Proposal form will not be evaluated.




3. Add your speakers.

Add a speaker by clicking the “Add speaker” button. You will need to add at least four speakers to submit a symposium.


For each speaker, you will need to enter information about the speaker and their institution.


All boxes marked with a red asterisk are necessary to complete the form.





Once you have four speakers added, continue to the next step.



4. Affirm the completion of all necessary information.

Read each requirement listed on this page. Confirm that each requirement has been completed in your Symposium Proposal form. Click each button so that the button reads “Yes.”




5. Review all submission information.

This page will show all the information you have entered. This is the information that will be submitted for scoring. Review it carefully to ensure the information is correct and what you want to be scored.




6. Submit your symposium proposal.

If all the required information is entered and correct, then you are ready to submit your symposium proposal. Click the “Submit” button to submit the symposium proposal. You must complete this step to have your symposium considered for World Sleep 2022. 



7. Look for your confirmation email.

You have submitted your symposium! Look for a confirmation email in the email account you used to create your account. You will receive a reference number. Keep this reference number.




Have questions?

Email [email protected] if you have any questions or encounter any errors using the symposium submission platform.