Praise for World Sleep 2017

From October 7-11, 2017, World Sleep 2017 brought 2,627 international attendees from 76 countries to Prague. Here’s what those surveyed had to say about the congress.

“Excellent conference—one that kept me there the entire
day for several days! Pleased with the diversity and
multiple plenary sessions, which were clinically relevant.”

“The variety of topics discussed across
the congress was very valuable.”

“This was an outstanding conference with good science and
clinically relevant plenary sessions. Looking forward to Vancouver!”

“I admire the presentation of the science that
has worked and the science that hasn’t worked.
Too often a scientific community wants to sweep
under the rug what does not work, not
realizing this also adds to the body of knowledge.”

“One of the best conferences I’ve attended.”

“Wide variety of topics and excellent speakers.”

“As a PhD student, I found the basic
research symposia the most beneficial.”

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