Awards at World Sleep 2022

Awards will be presented in Rome at the Opening Ceremony of the 16th World Sleep congress at 6:00pm on Sunday, March 13, 2022.

Young Investigator Awards for Oral and Poster Abstract Presentations at World Sleep

Applications for Young Investigator Awards are accepted June 1–November 30, 2022. Up to 18 Oral Presentation Awards and up to 24 Poster Presentation Awards will be presented at World Sleep 2022.

Read more about the application and review process. 

Christian Guilleminault Young Investigator Award

The Christian Guilleminault Young Investigator Awards are presented to encourage new investigators in the field of sleep, especially in developing portions of the world, to advance sleep medicine and research worldwide. Up to 2 awards of $1,000 will be offered to qualifying individuals.

Read more about the application process for the Christian Guilleminault Young Investigator Award. 

Wayne Hening Young Investigator Awards

Wayne Hening Young Investigator Awards are presented to new investigators in the RLS/PLMS field. Up to five awards of $1,000 will be offered to qualifying individuals.

Read more about the application process for the Wayne Hening Young Investigator Awards. 

Elsevier Awards

Elsevier has established two scientific awards for new basic and clinical sleep specialists in honor of Christian Guilleminault and Elio Lugaresi. Two awards of $1,000 will be presented at World Sleep 2022.

Requirements: Young investigator within five years or less of post-training at the time of manuscript submission

How to Apply: Candidates who qualify and who would like to be considered should indicate so and include a separate letter of eligibility and current CV to the Editor-in-Chief at the time of submission.


World Sleep Day Activity Awards


2020 Distinguished Activity Awardees

Brazilian Sleep Association, Brazilian Sleep Medicine Association, and Brazilian Association of Sleep Dentistry
Dr N. Ramakrishnan | Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences
Dr. D.C. Mathangi | Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research
Dr. Fernando Alberto Ceballos Fuentes MD MsC | Guatemalan Association of Sleep Medicine
Lyudmila Korostovtseva and Mikhail Bochkarev | Russian Society of Somnologists; Almazov National Medical Research Centre, Museum of Health
Portuguese Sleep Association | Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology of the University of Coimbra
Prof. Dr. Forin Mihălțan | Romanian Society of Sleep and Non-Invasive Ventilation, Romanian Society of Pulmonology, Romanian Association for Pediatric Sleep Disorder
Samson Khachatryan | Armenian Sleep Disorders Association, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Armenian National Institute of Health


2020 Honorable Mentions

Arturo Garay and Stella Valiensi | Argentinean Association of Sleep Medicine; Federation of Latin American Sleep Societies
Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza | Federal University of Alagoas
Elena Maricela Majano MD | Bernes Medical Sleep and Neurological Private Center
Fabiana Fernández, DDS | E.I.S.S. Team Esquel Chubut
György G. Németh | Hungarian Sleep Association
Laura Palagini | Italian Association of Sleep Medicine AIMS
Montida Veeravigrom, MD | Sleep Society of Thailand
Zan Wang | The First Hospital of Jilin University