World Sleep 2022 Abstract Supplement

World Sleep Society is pleased to share the abstracts presented at 16th World Sleep congress, which took place in Rome, Italy over March 11–16, 2022. Researchers from around the world gathered in Rome to present the 810 abstracts now published in this supplement, as well as many more symposium, course, and keynote presentations. We thank the World Sleep community for its contributions to the World Sleep 2022 scientific program and the field of sleep medicine.

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From Sleep Number at World Sleep 2022:

G. Garcia-Molina, S. Barr. EEG spectral properties and associated ECG-based heart-rate variability in people with insomnia versus healthy sleepers. Full text on S76 and online.

G. Garcia-Molina, J. Jiang. Real-time implementation of sleep staging using interbeat intervals. Full text on S290 and online.

D. Guzenko, G. Garcia Molina, R. Mills, F. Mushtaq. Approximation of Influenza-like illness rates using sleep and cardiorespiratory data from a smart bed. Full text on S301 and online.

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