Affiliated and Unaffiliated Companies

Affiliated Companies with contracts for World Sleep 2023

World Sleep Society for non-Brazilian registrations. Contact [email protected] with registration questions or register online.

Members of the Brazilian Sleep Association (Associação Brasileira do Sono) should register through the ABS website linked on our registration page at worldsleepcongress.com/register.

Hotel Reservations
The official housing block for World Sleep 2023 is operated by a Brazilian company named CCM Group. Their hotel and hospitality business is named CCM Tur. Only individuals from CCM Group and CCM Tur have our authorization to communicate with attendees about the hotel reservations at the Windsor Oceanico, Windsor Tower, and Windsor Barra hotels.

Individuals associated with CCM Group and CCM Tur will have an email address ending with ccmgroup.com.br (though beware of spoofed email addresses, which is possible).

If you are contacted by another company regarding the World Sleep congress, or if you have questions about the legitimacy of a communication, please contact World Sleep Society at [email protected].

Exhibition Services

The official provider of exhibition services for World Sleep 2023 is TAO Assessoria. Individuals from TAO Assessoria will have email addresses from @taoassessoria.com.br (though beware of spoofed email addresses, which is possible). TAO Assessoria may connect you with other suppliers (printing services, etc.); only proceed through the official providers referred to you by TAO Assessoria.

If you are contacted by another company claiming to provide goods or services to exhibitors, please contact Tyler at [email protected] or call the administrative office directly at +1 (507) 316-0084.

Unaffiliated Companies

If a company contacts you and claims or implies an official connection with World Sleep Society or the World Sleep congress, please contact us at [email protected] or call our administrative office directly at +1 (507) 316-0084 if you have any doubt at all about the sender or their request.

Beware of Fraudulent Companies & Offers

We have been informed that companies unaffiliated with World Sleep 2023 have contacted exhibitors regarding booth furniture, supplies and reservations. This is a scam; please do not reply or respond. All official World Sleep 2023 affiliated companies do not solicit. A company representative will only contact you to reply or ask a question about a reservation made by you. Any outside company claiming to be associated with World Sleep 2023 will be issued a cease and desist.

World Sleep Society/World Sleep 2023 does not sell, share or release names of registrants.

If you receive any communications from fraudulent companies, please forward them to [email protected]. Thank you.

Known fraudulent communications – Do not respond

  • Request for travel plans and reservation preferences from emails affiliated with “@ehotelservices.org” or “@expoforhotelservices.com”