Recording Policy

While all keynote, symposium, and oral abstract presentations will be recorded at World Sleep 2023, it is each presenter’s individual choice whether their recording is used in World Sleep On Demand. Accepted presenters will receive a form to indicate consent.

We graciously ask – but do not require – our presenters to contribute their recording to World Sleep On Demand. Doing so allows the on-demand program to reflect the richness of the in-person program and allows us to share that with the larger global sleep community.


What exactly is recorded?

The audio and the presentation screen (i.e., the slides) are recorded. You are not personally recorded as you present to the room – only the audio and screen.

How is my recording used?

Your presentation recording is used in World Sleep On Demand, our platform for hosting all presentation recordings. World Sleep On Demand is how we share World Sleep congress content with attendees who couldn’t visit every session they wanted to and with individuals who were unable to travel to Rio de Janeiro for the in-person meeting.

Do I lose any rights to this content if I allow it to be used on World Sleep On Demand?

No. You retain full rights to publish or otherwise use your presentation as you wish. If you would like the recording of your presentation, we are happy to provide it.


Please contact World Sleep Society at [email protected] if you have any questions about recording at World Sleep 2023.