Elsevier Awards


Two Scientific Awards for papers published in Sleep Medicine

The Christian Guilleminault WASM Award for Sleep Research
The Elio Lugaresi WASM Award for Sleep Medicine

Under the auspices of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM), Elsevier has established two scientific awards for young basic and clinical sleep specialists in honor of Christian Guilleminault and Elio Lugaresi, respectively. The awards are a tribute to Dr. Guilleminault’s and Dr. Lugaresi’s contributions to establish the field of Sleep Medicine, its journal and its Society.

• A certificate designating the recipient of the Christian Guilleminault or Elio Lugaresi Award.
• A cheque for US $ 1,000 to be presented at the 7th World Congress on Sleep Medicine in Czech Republic, Prague, 7–10 October 2017.

Eligibility – The applicant should be:

• A young investigator within five years or less of post-training at the time of submission.
• Candidates who qualify and who would like to be considered should indicate so and include a separate letter of eligibility to the Editor-in-Chief at the time of submission.

Application procedure
• A current curriculum vitae.
• An original manuscript of a sleep disorders study in which the applicant is the primary investigator and the first author.
• A letter from the candidate stating his/her interest in being considered.
• The manuscript should conform to the style and format of the journal Sleep Medicine.
• Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by an Editorial Board panel and the two manuscripts selected for awards will have been accepted for publication in Sleep Medicine.

• The manuscripts will be judged on the basis of scientific merit, timeliness and relevance to a worldview of the practice of sleep medicine.
• Manuscripts co-authored by a member of the WASM Executive Committee will not be eligible for either of the two awards.
All manuscripts will be the property of Sleep Medicine.
• Papers qualified are those published or accepted for publication in Sleep Medicine between April 1, 2015 to May 31, 2017.
Please contact the Editorial Office (email: [email protected]; [email protected]) if you would like to apply for one of the Awards.