Symposium Submissions for World Sleep 2019 Open September 1, 2018


Symposia Scoring

Symposia proposals will be ranked by the 2019 Congress Program Committee according to the relevance of the topic, the timeliness of the research, and the broadness of the topic’s appeal. Higher weight will be given to symposia with multi‐national participation. Symposium proposals will be reviewed and individually scored 1 to 10 (10 = best) by each member of the Program Committee. Professional staff will calculate the weighted average score of each proposal. Program Committee will hold an in-person meeting to review rankings and develop a balanced symposium program to include each major category of sleep medicine. Submitted symposia should follow a geographic and gender balance. Read World Sleep Society’s Scientific Selection Policy for further information.

Honoraria & Reimbursement Policy

World Sleep Society does not provide honoraria to academic planners, committee members, co-chairs, or speakers. No individual involved in a CME activity may receive payments directly from a commercial interest, including honoraria, travel, out-of-pocket expenses or other payments. Generally, speakers receiving an invitation from the Program Committee are eligible to receive complimentary registration and reimbursement of additional costs which they incur due to their contribution. Read World Sleep Society’s Honoraria and Reimbursement Policy for more details.