Visiting Rome

Rome is known for its magnificent history. It attracts visitors wishing to discover the city’s striking monuments and archaeological sites while enjoying its renowned cuisine and sparkling atmosphere. With attractions like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Circus Maximus, visitors can easily imagine Rome’s rich history full of gladiators in an arena, chariots crashing during a wild race, and Roman public life once upon a time.

The Art of Sleep

World Sleep 2022 will provide a unique course offering on the first day of the congress, Friday, March 16, 2022. Register for the course you will learn about the representation of sleep in art and culture. Chaired by Sonia Ancoli-Israel and Meir Kryger, the course will conclude with a walking tour of an art museum in Rome to see firsthand the brilliant creations of artists over the centuries. Be sure to sign up for congress news at worldsleepcongress.com to follow updates on this exciting new offering.

Visit the Vatican

No matter your faith tradition, Vatican City presents an outstanding opportunity to see and experience firsthand some of the most recognizable foundations of European art and architecture. From the open St. Peter’s Square to the art housed in the Vatican Museums, consider making time for this special destination during your time in Rome.

Tours in Rome

Ega Worldwide will be organizing and offering tour packages to experience Rome. More information will be added to this page as details become available.

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